mrowwww i need to do micropub and indieauth sometime >.<

I DID IT OMG I HAVE S+ AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

trying my best and i get screwed over...

i wish i could just be good at this game...

meow :3

feel like doing something with machine learning would be so cool. like, just for the learning. don’t have any ideas tho of what i’d make…

why am i so needy >.<

so eepy


also realized i still need to add support for like, atom and rss...

aaaaaaa indieauth too confusing :(

i wrote one post and now am out of post ideas >.<

honestly i don't know how i survived long enough to make it to 18...

bored meow

fuck i keep looking at the date and remembering that my birthday is in 2 days like what


im scared of being 18

cause like. that means i can figure out how to get hrt. but idk how !!!! and scared like what if parents find out or something like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :(

ok fine i shall do the essay even though i dont want to >.<

hmmm i rlly do not want to write the essay.

what if i procrastinate more by writing a blog post.......

so eepy but i have to write this dumb essay aaaaaa

tbh i'd rather just, write a blog post.....

i don't wannya write this dumb essay >.<