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my throat may hurt but at least im wearing a dress

lol just realized i never added my discord here

i'm gonnya have so much to write about with all the new albums stuff :3

kinda makes me wannya implement stuff like better posting ui... like having a way to include images and stuff in posts...

wooooo the deploy worked

i should really write a post here…

meowwwwww :3

made a thing for misskey. don't have anything else to do with my life now. lol

girl that opens the indieweb chat once a month to say hi and then forgets it exists even though it's right next to this

anyways, i should write a post for this website thingy. maybe ill write about strawberry_persisted_queries

meow meow saige is such a cute name. good middle name :3

meowwwww :3

do this work

girl that makes a website and then never touches it

i'm the cutest little kitty ever

mrowwwww 🥺


posting from here reminds me i really need to add more to kitty. kinda forgot that i never added stuff to like, reply,,,

i’m girl i’m girl i’m girl girl girl girl i’m cute girl cute kitty mrow meowww cutest prettiest kitty girl kitty

i was not bribed to say that.