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ok fine i shall do the essay even though i dont want to >.<

hmmm i rlly do not want to write the essay.

what if i procrastinate more by writing a blog post.......

so eepy but i have to write this dumb essay aaaaaa

tbh i'd rather just, write a blog post.....

i don't wannya write this dumb essay >.<



meow meow!

i think i feel a bit eepy after working on so much indieweb stuff today. i think i should go eepy. nini meow

welp i got... a tiny bit of indieauth done. this is going to take forever >.<

eek birthday in 2 days >.<

do i hate myself enough to build my own markdown parser and microformats2 parser, and then along with that probably an html parser?

maybe. idk about that html parser part though. but the one markdown parser in lua is meh and i don't like it and there's nothing for microformats2. and the html parser im using is... good enough. but not super good for luau. all the types are broken >.< might try to rewrite it a bit or something. idk.

meow meow :3

pls work already idk what is wrong

why isnt this workingggggg

meow meowwwwwww :3

test test

meow meow i just want the post to go to fedi plssss

meow meow do this worky???

meow meow do this worky

what if i meowed at the computer :3