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tracking my salmon run jobs

salmon run--i've never really enjoyed it a whole bunch? like, it's that thing i do every so often because i have to for some rewards or when i see a really good rotation that i like. but other than that, i usually try to avoid it. or i have, anyways. recently i've found myself enjoying it a bit more and i finally hit the 50 jobs mark at which point splatnet 3 begins deleting my older jobs, so it's time to start tracking them all.

the uploader/exporter

this was pretty easy. i pretty much copy and pasted the battles uploader and renamed everything for battles to jobs and stuff. the battles uploader includes stuff for then sending data on to, but i'm lazy and didn't feel like messing around with yet so i just removed it all for now. so now i have all my jobs being uploaded to my backblaze b2 bucket in a very similar way to how battles are uploaded. neat!!

adding the data source

this part was a lot less fun. the data source thing for battles was really jank but i didn't feel like changing it much. most i did was change everything for battles to be for jobs and changed how the local development caching worked. i'll eventually redo the battles to use the same caching probably, but for now it works.

making the visuals!

this is the fun part. kinda. the results format for salmon run jobs is a lot weirder than it is for battles apparently. seems like more of it is done in the app instead of just being in the data. so i'll just keep it very simple for right now!

screenshot of cards for salmon run jobs screenshot of salmon run job result

this is all live right now!

what's next

sometime (preferably in the near future) i'll go back and add better cards and a lot more to the results page. i'll also eventually get around to adding data export groups for sharing and adding opengraph images for overall stats, export groups, and each job. i really like how all of my opengraph images look for battles and i want to continue making these nice looking images for sharing. support support is probably a little while away yet? i just don't really feel like messing around with it to be honest. i already have the data on my own site so it isn't a big priority really, and i can always just throw my data into s3s to upload it.

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