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my plans for this website

i think i want to move this website to something more dynamic so i can implement more indieweb specifications.

eleventy is great

it really is. i like, no, love using eleventy. it all feels familiar with everything being js. but it's static. sure, i could add eleventy serverless for some dynamic things, but it's still mostly static, which i don't really like right now.

i want interactivity

i want to be able to write little short-form notes on my phone. i don't want to have to open vs code on my macbook to write a whole post. i want to be able to add more indieweb things like bookmarks, likes, and replies in a way that's easy for me to use.

i'm thinking of doing this using a little deno + oak server, using liquidjs to render templates. i've been working on this a tiny bit over the past week, but haven't gotten very far yet. right now, i'm struggling to figure out a good way to implement authentication.

i think i'm going to call this project kitty. silly name? maybe. but is it cute? also maybe.

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