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moving to the fediverse and indieweb

so twitter seems to be a pretty... interesting place right now that i've left for reasons. so indieweb and fediverse it is! i've had some experience with both before.


my old website had some indieweb stuff like webmentions and indieauth for comments and signing into other things. it was all kinda a bit janky though and i only wrote a single "hello world" post. here i've improved it a bit with a better display at the bottom of each post for webmentions and a form to manually submit a webmention. i still don't know how to implement sending a webmention from here when i publish a post though.

i might look into adding webmentions to too. might be kinda neat to see responses to battles and stuff.

i also think it might be neat to look into doing stuff for like notes and responses. i've been looking into what Aaron Parecki does on his site and i like the idea of everything starting from my own website and then going to the fediverse and stuff (posse), but i'm not sure where exactly to start with implementing that. i think i'd probably need to move from a static site to something with a backend. i guess i'll kinda just keep looking into it and maybe start building something to mess around with the idea? not sure really.


i've had some previous experience with the fediverse. a long time ago i remember a mastodon instance called that i was on. sadly, it was shut down though and i never bothered to relocate to a different instance. more recently though, i had a little misskey instance earlier this year. that was kinda cool. i was pretty bad at remembering it existed though and so it went unused a lot of the time. earlier this month though i setup my own akkoma instance at which has been pretty cool to use!

future plans??

i'm not sure what i'll do next with this. as previously mentioned, i do want to look into more indieweb stuff with posse. i really want to write more posts for this website but i've been kinda struggling with ideas. like, i'm sure there's plenty of stuff i could write about, but a lot of things i just feel like no one else would care about probably.

also posted on indienews

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